We are a group of volunteers who seek to promote public interest in the Cemetery which is the second largest in New Zealand covering 100 acres. Our purpose is to advocate for and develop the heritage and ecological values of Karori Cemetery, and to assist with grave/plot restoration.

We offer tours and grave finding assistance on the first Sunday of each month. Check our Events page for details

November News


  • Starting Tuesday 7 November, we will be commencing a programme of weekday working bees, primarily to tackle the growing issue of seedlings emerging in Public2 (Gum Gully). These seedlings, if not checked, will soon become a problem to remove and an ongoing issue for the historic graves. We are seeking keen volunteers to help assist us removing these seedlings on a weekly basis from 9am – 12pm
  • So that we can notify you of cancellations, please email [email protected] so that we can add you to our group
  • A map of The Shelter location can be found here: https://friendsofkaroricemetery.co.nz/visit/

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