T G Macarthy Headstones

Well done Public Trust for getting the professionals in to refurbish the T G Macarthy headstones. Vlad was doing some detailed work on the lead lettering this morning – fiddly and time consuming but necessary to protect it for decades to come. T G Macarthy made a fortune from brewing and hotels and did many quiet philanthropic works during his lifetime. He married very late in life a much younger woman. They had no children and when he died he left half his fortune in trust with the Public Trust, and the other half to his wife. If she remarried and had children her portion was to pass to them. She did remarry but again there were no children so when she died her portion was returned to Public Trust who have been administering it wisely and well for more than a century. Many schools and local organisations throughout the greater Wellington region are still benefiting from grants from the Trust to this day. The Trustees are the Governor General, the Prime Minister, the Mayor of Wellington, and the Catholic Bishop of Wellington. https://www.publictrust.co.nz/…/thomas-george-macarthy…

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