On occasion the cemetery or the Friends’ feature in the media. Here is a collection of our stories:

Seven Sharp Article

Woman’s tour of Karori Cemetery unearths a trove of astonishing stories

Seven Sharp ran a story on the 16th November 2020, with our Vice-Chair Barbara Mulligan providing a sample of the wide range of intriguing stories the Cemetery holds. Watch it again on this link.

The Curious Popularity of New Zealand’s Cemetery Tours

“It’s quite a nice vista,” my guide remarks. “If you like looking out over lots of graves.”

The Dominion Post ran an article featuring our Vice-Chair Barbara Mulligan. Read the full article here.

Heritage Week 2020

The Karori Cemetery had a bumper crowd for their first tour of Wellington Heritage week.

Heritage Week was a busy time for the Friends’ as we ran new two new tours, an introductory tour and a childrens’ activity. Happily our Facebook photo was used in The Independent Herald article about the Week.