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Last Post

“LAST POST” AT FRIDAY’S FUNERAL.—BugIer blowing the “Last Post,” the Legion of Frontiersmen standing at attention, outside the Crematorium at Karori Cemetery on Friday afternoon at the funeral of Messrs. F. Gresser and G. B. S. King, killed at Tawa Flat on Tuesday in an aero plane crash. Inset, floral tributes in the form of […]

Travelling Midwife

The recently cleaned headstone on the plot of Sarah Ann CRIPPS gleams in the shade of tree lined avenues in the first Public section of Karori Cemetery. The simple inscription and design give no indication of the character or experiences of Sarah, who was born in London about 1821. An enterprising young woman she set […]

Prime Ministers

There are six New Zealand Prime Minsters interred at Karori Cemetery. The most noted is Peter Fraser, who was Prime Minister 1940-1949. He was elected following the death of Michael Joseph Savage in 1940, and served for 9 years, 257 days Fraser is one of the few NZ Prime Ministers deemed sufficiently worthy to have […]

Mollie Tripe

A recent blog post about James McLauchlan NAIRN encouraged us to take a look at the life of another artist buried at Karori Cemetery – Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) TRIPE (nee RICHARDSON). The Tripe family plot is one of the largest plots in the first Anglican section of Karori Cemetery. There are 23 occupants listed on […]

Early Artist in New Zealand History

James McLauchlan Nairn (18 November 1859–22 February 1904) was a Glasgow born painter who  strongly influenced New Zealand painting in the late 19th century.  Nairn studied at the Glasgow School of Art for four years from 1879 before enrolling as a student at the Academie Julian in Paris. During the 1880s Nairn exhibited work at the Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts […]


The big house on the hill, on Homewood Avenue, not far from Karori Cemetery was built in 1846, when the first owner Henry Samuel Chapman cleared the land to build the original structure. Chapman was appointed in 1843 as judge of the Supreme Court of New Zealand for the southern district, which included Wellington, Nelson, […]